The Essence of Life

After comprehending what the essence of life is, one realizes that it is not what gets done to us that can harm our soul, but rather what we do to others that does the real harm.

Two important areas of research draw this conclusion.  We can conclude this core construct firstly by comprehending that we can prove some people reincarnated, in other words our soul lives past the grave.  Secondly by recognizing the studies conducted in analyzing what happens between lives, namely Dr. Michael Newton’s studies.

Let us explain:


Reincarnation Evidence

In Australia when Dr. Peter Ramster placed patients in deep hypnosis he found they would talk about their past lives, often in foreign languages they had never heard, let alone knew how to speak in this life.  Gathering forensic information from patients in as similar fashion to how a police investigator would, Dr. Ramster built files on each patient.  He gathered as much background information as possible, their names, the town they lived in along with neighboring towns, their family’s names, their job, description of the buildings they lived and worked in etc.  When he had gathered enough information about the person the subject sad they were in a past life, Dr. Ramster sent investigators to the see if they could find the historical person his patient described.  Watch a documentary of Dr. Ramster’s studies here: Reincarnation Scientific Study by Dr. Peter Ramster


Lives Between Lives

Dr. Michael Newton studied more than 7,000 subjects, placing them under deep hypnosis and asking for explanation about the time between lives.  Across these many subjects a common pattern emerged.  It appears that we “go home” after leaving the physical form where we examine every detail of our lives.  Some souls apparently put themselves into solitary confinement in shame of their acts, others grow in love and rush to gather with souls they share eternity with.  Clearly from evidence of Reincarnation, we then come back to the opportunity to grow our soul again.


Our Soul is only Harmed or Blessed by Ourselves

When we understand that after we die, everything we did is right before us, it is the essence of our soul, it is what we are, the realization that it is not what others do to us that impacts the growth of our soul, but rather what we do to others.  In fact, the more harm that is inflicted on us the greater the opportunity to excel in the essence of growing our soul, which is love.

Things in reality are exactly the opposite of what most people strive for here on earth.

Purity does not come from nothing, purity come for refinement.  By repeatedly putting metal through the fire, the impurities are boiled out.  An athlete does not excel without working at their sport.  Strength like the purity of one’s soul grows with exercise.  The darker the hour, thus the greater the opportunity is to shine.
Consider carefully your every step and how one interacts with souls all around us, animals included.  Turning a blind eye to those in need, clearly is as much a slight as striking them.  Ignoring evil is enabling it.  Our love must be active, just as an athlete needs to actively exercise. 

C, Live, love, oppose evil.