Spirit Boundaries

Naturally, spirit crosses over boundaries of phase and spectrums of form. Simply because our eyes optical spectrum cannot see what exists in the alpha, gamma ray and infrared spectrums, does not mean they do not exist, for they certainly do. And just as mankind was unaware of alpha and gamma rays as little one or two centuries ago, no doubt, there are many more spectrums, phases and forms we have not yet discovered.

Naturally, the advantage, in the spirit world of a place like Earth, is that the spirit can be manifest into a form that is unaware of other spectrums. Thus, in life, you can continue to build on the soul of your spirit, which is love. The greatest love is manifest not though calculated returns but through giving.

Giving is not to be confused with the idiotic practice of sacrificing someone else or some other being, that is evil. Giving of oneself in love for the benefit of the universe can be a small gift, such as a smile, or a universal gift such as saving mankind or an animal species.

The person who sacrifices a living being on an alter commits and act of pure evil and detracts from their very soul. The idea that someone can slice the neck of a little lamb and all of a sudden the crime and evil they committed goes out the window is idiotic. That which has been done has been done. You cannot go back in time and undo what has been done, it is done. Naturally, based on this obvious construct, one should carefully consider what you do cannot be undone. The good news is that you can change, you can be born again and live a new life, even on this earth. From this very moment you can choose to build your soul with love. Everlasting is built in love, evil eradicates your everlasting.

Hanging on a cross can not save mankind. That is a useless act like cutting a lamb's neck or burning a pigeon on in a fire. However, the act of showing and teaching fellow humans to love, is a great gift. The act of taking ones riches or life's work to benefit nature, which includes mankind, is love and a gift that grows your sole and the universe around us. 

The opportunity to love a great deal, to forgive much, to give everything, is the opportunity to build a magnificent and powerful soul. This opportunity is not given to everyone, but is available for everyone to step forward and receive.

Hence The Origin of Everything:
Love, manifests life, manifests energy, manifests matter, in space and time.
The universe expands with love and contracts with evil.
Your soul is grown with love and killed with evil.
Live, love, oppose evil.

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