Extra Terrestrials, UFO's & Moon-Landing Lies

When more than 400 high-ranking US military officials and highly respectable individuals came forward in The Disclosure Project and all testified to their independent experiences as eyewitnesses to Extra Terrestrial and UFO activity, only complete idiots ignore what they have to say and the evidence uncovered.

The fact that the people who control the Vatican literally own and control the US Federal Reserve Bank lies at the top of this mystery. If your gut reaction to this previous sentence sends you into some type of titer, then you surely know that you have been neuro linguistically programmed for the obvious reason in this field as you probably have when the words "UFO" or "Extra Terrestrial" or "Terrorist" are mentioned. If you watch the mainstream media, especially the news broadcasts, you can guarantee that you are hypnotized. As a percussor as to how much an individual is capable of comprehending, one can always ask "Do you watch TV?", an affirmative means you are talking to someone who has been thoroughly programmed. It is possible to hypnotize someone over the telephone, TV is vastly more powerful. People sit themselves down in front of TV without the slightest fear of being hypnotized, however, take those same people and ask them to sit down in front of a hypnotist and they will flat out refuse, yet they do it every day.

Clearly the revelation of Extra Terrestrials and UFO's completely undermines Roman Catholic control of society. It is a fore-gone conclusion that it is in the interests of the Church and their minions under their control, which includes all the US Fed funded three letter agencies, the mainstream media and secret organizations such as SIV (Societia Informatio Vaticano), to do everything in their power to censor ET & UFO activity.

What we do know from the military officers testimonies is that UFO's have been appearing over nuclear weapons facilities, shining beams on the nuclear weapons which disable the weapons, then taking off at light speed into space. When Daniel Sheehan was Chief Counsel for the Jesuits in the US, he was given access to the Library of Congress, he went there with one purpose, to see if there was any evidence of ET's and UFO's. Daniel found filing cabinets full of clear photographs and evidence of ET's and UFO's, naturally, he was not allowed to take any evidence out of the library, he was not even allowed to take notes. At each and every UFO and ET sighting, a team of military officials rushes in and confiscates all evidence and specialists come in to de-brief the witnesses. Why? Why are the American public who are meant to be in charge of their own government not allowed access to parts of the library of congress? We now know the wars were initiated by those behind the Fed and the US government, including 9/11 and the World Wars, so when it comes to National Security, clearly and logically, revelation of all so-called 'secret' or 'sensitive information', from a National Security perspective is an absolute must have. The public must have free and open public access to all and everything their government is involved in, if they do not then the public is obviously servant to their public masters. Giving politicians access is not giving the public access, the great majority of politicians are bought and paid for.

If you take a camera capable of capturing the infra-red light and other spectrums, apparently you often capture evidence of Extra Terrestrial and UFO activity. Some of the night-shot functions on cameras pickup ET activity. Multiple witnesses have come forward and testified that NASA removes all evidence of ET and UFO activity from anything they release publicly. We also have proof of this fact from intercepted data streams transmitted from NASA satellites which reveal videos of ET and UFO activity and the simple fact that NASA stopped providing live video feeds since the day they pretended to go to the moon.

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