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The theory of creation relies on the premise of a 'god' or alien power physically constructing the earth and all that is in it. From an origin of everything perspective, Creationism has the problem of who created god or the aliens who engineered the earth? Creationists will claim that god exists outside of time and space. The question is if this god is a 'person' or 'thing' then clearly from an earthy perspective, god too would have to be created at some point. The Creation story of Genesis falls short of credible explanation when one asks who created god, or even along the simple lines when one asks the obvious question as to where Cain and Able got their wives if Adam and Eve were god's original creation. Naturally other questions such as how on earth Noah managed to get all the world's species together on the Ark also defy logic or any reasonably acceptable explanation.

The Origin of Everything thesis takes the premise that god is neither a person nor thing, but rather the positive force of love. "Love" being chosen for lack of a better word.