Life, the force that overcomes enthalpy and entropy and creates and brings into being everything around us is naturally dependant on positive flow.  Clearly and obviously if mankind goes out and kills life, he is taking from the positive flow.  We have witnessed in the last two centuries horror of such evil proportions its hard to comprehend. Mankind has literally wiped off the face of the earth ninety percent or more of our fellow life forms. Today people will eat some other animal at every meal!Slideshow image

Once you comprehend that your soul manifests in human form and we can prove in some instance that our soul reincarnates again in another life, it is obvious that the manifestation of our soul is not limited to mankind alone.  Ignoring such a premise would be incredibly naive.  The impact of blowing away a deer, whale, mouse, elephant or even an ant, takes on a completely different perspective.  Most, but not all people, consider cannibalism evil and respect the practice of not eating human flesh.  Despite the fact that meat is not healthy for humans since it rots in our colons and puts fats into our blood stream that eventually clogs blood flow and cause heart attacks, eating animals is patently psycho. Drooling for the taste of burned or even raw flesh is a psychopathic behavior that people have become so callous to, that they would happily sit down and feast on a finger-licking good human hand, just like the Christian Crusaders [1]. People don't think twice when they eat a burger or steak about the life of that poor animal. Every now and then someone sneaks a video camera into a slaughter house and there is for a moment an outcry of disgust. However people soon forget and they guzzle up their fellow inhabitants of the planet.

Comprehending the magnitude of the direction of our soul in light of these obvious facts as to how we interact with our neighbors of all shapes, sizes, colors and kind is the essence of Soulisim.  When we comprehend that we can scientifically prove that our thought alone can physically change the structure of water, these direct physical acts against the souls manifest in fellow life forms carries the full weight of reality.

The argument that animals eat animals in nature carries little weight when weighing up the essence of our soul.  Regardless, the concept of a predator in the animal kingdom is that of a garbage collector not a mass murderer.  In nature predators eat the dead, dieing and weak with the general net effect of a positive forward movement of life.  The herd gets stronger and more united because of all predators other than man.  That said, it is still worth carefully observing a lion kill.  The nature and behavior of the lions, even towards other lions, comes out in the kill, this is not love and one witnesses evil even in nature too.  Do not for the last moment believe that other life forms are not challenged with the very essence of growing their soul just as people do.

As we don’t know how to speak dog or dolphin, it is unlikely we will ever be able to carry out scientific experiments and analysis and prove that a specific human reincarnated as a dog or dolphin. Perhaps one day we may be able to prove the reincarnation the other way around. Recognize that dolphins, who have larger brains than we do, learn our language, and not the other way arround. Hwever, as animals don’t generally embark on activities we recognize in our human form as unique, we probably will never be able to prove interspecies reincarnation.  The very construct that our soul manifests in human form is itself sufficient impetus to conclude that our soul most likely manifests in other life forms, most probably all over the universe.

Soulisim, grow your soul with love, oppose evil.

[Note 1] It is worth noting that during the Christina Crusades when the church sent soldiers and knights to the Middle east to rape and pillage the land in order to liberate a country that never belonged to them in the first place, Cannibalism was alive and well amongst the Christian Crusaders, they even had songs about how man’s flesh was sweeter than pork. See Christian Crusades to fully comprehend the evil Christianity has perpetrated. See Ai2d to get a perspective of how evil man is to dolphin.