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Soulisim is developed by C (Clive Boustred), a leading technological strategist who spent most of his career in the heart and forefront of Silicon Valley working for most of the leading technology companies.

Clive's company InfoTelesys was in the process of deploying a massively scalar next-generation Internet. Launching 91 satellites out of Russia and providing 1 gigabit per second connections anywhere in the world. InfoTelesys was not only revolutionizing Internet, the company was building next-generation banking and education system. Bringing free education to people all around the world, and more importantly a non-fiat based non-fractional reserve banking and trading systems that would save the world from this current criminal enterprise that controls banking and governments world wide.

The government in the US literally shot at Clive in front of his children, then followed up with four more assassination attempts that we know about; filed nine outrageously malicious false cases against Clive, repeatedly arresting him and throwing him in jail on cooked up charges. For example Bob Lee the Santa Cruz District Attorney and his Ass. DA Stephen Drottar charged Clive with "Assault with a deadly weapon", "Child endangerment", "Resisting Arrest" and for a VC Section 2800.2(a) vehicle code violation claiming that Clive drove feloniously down his private road endangering people and property with the intent to evade at an alleged 41 miles per hour after the Sheriffs shoot at Clive with his children in the direct line of fire with absolutely no lawful or reasonable reason other than a blatant and outrageous assassination attempt!

In the sham trial presided over by former Santa Cruz DA Judge Art Danner who was twice rated by the California Judicial Nomination Committee as not being qualified to be a judge because of all the criminal Acts Danner was caught in, Danner refused to allow Clive to put evidence before the rigged jury of the Sheriffs own radio records which proved that Clive drove 27 mph down his road (not that 41 mph is any crime). Danner literally struck Clive's testimony from the record and allowed the Cops to submit lies, hearsay and double hearsay on the record. Clive was sent to Jail for a six month sentence without any right to bail on appeal. Naturally the corrupt courts denied Clive's appeal.

This outrageously utterly out of control and criminal behavior of judges throughout California's and the US District Court's has continued for seven years. Commissioner Irwin Joseph of the Santa Cruz Superior Court, without jurisdiction or any legal authority then issued an order evicting Clive from Clive's home the very day he and his colleagues filed to get Clive and InfoTelesys' lawsuit against them dismissed. Judge Samuel S. Stevens another key defendant in InfoTelesys & Clive's lawsuit, and the Judge who in 1997 had attempted to steal 45 acres from Clive issued an another arrest warrant for Clive. Judge Michael E. Barton, the judge that immediately ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with Clive's children then sentenced Clive to nine years in prison, without any trial. Clive was forced to flee from California.

Details of the crimina assault against Clive by the Californian and US governments can be found on the website under the "Proof of Abuse" section.

C developed the Liberty For Life site after he started studying what was going on in the US following the multiple assassination attempts and assault on his life by the government there. The site receives more than half a million hits per month and reveals may of the core problems and corruption in the US.

The US, California and Santa Cruz governments have literally not only stolen everything from Clive, they forced him to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars in bail and legal fees, then refused to even let Clive file for bankruptcy or sue them. Clive's adulterous wife Anamaria (Damas) Tichatschke has acted throughout this period as the lynch pin the government has used against Clive. Following the complete media censorship of InfoTelesys' being granted the rights to Space Station Mir by the Russian government, Stefan Tichatschke paid Clive $55,000 to be Clive's Personal Assistant, he started an affair with Clive's wife Anamaria about three months after joining InfoTelesys. Visit to learn more in addition to some background to these astonishing cases.

It is in light of these extraordinary assaults that shock the conscience, the kidnap and continued hostage taking of Clive's children and the theft of his multi million dollar home and wiping out Clive's multi billion dollar business' that Clive developed Soulisim.

"In darkness, you can see the light.
Hardships provide the greatest opportunity to grow your soul.
Love can feed on and consume evil."